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May 4th, 2005, 04:46 PM
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My boyfriend and I do use condoms and do 99% of the time (We didn't one time back in April, in which I will get to in a moment). I am on birth control and have been on it since November of 2003. Also, I normally had taken my birth control pills every day at around the same time, but I have not been doing a very good job of that in the last month or so. Here is what has been going on ...

I went on to see about when I should have ovulated (roughly when) and I wanted to match up that with some of the days I remember having intercourse on. I saw that in March I ovulated on March 31st, and I remember having sex that day (I am 99% sure we used a condom; my memory is not very good though). And then I know for a fact that sometime around April 6th, we had sex and we did not use a condom (I am on birth control though, not that it is an excuse for not using a condom then).

Anyways, I got my period on April 12th (It was normal). But, if lets say I did conceive on March 31st or on April 6th (Somewhere around there), would I have still gotten my period normally, since it does take 2 weeks for the egg to implant? I was not sure about that.

Also, I had a Doctors appointment on April 19th and I was to start a new pack of pills on April 17th. Incase I was to switch pills on the 19th, I didn't want to buy a whole new pack of pills, only to take them for two days. So, I didn't buy a new pack on the 17th and I just didn't take any for two days.

So, on the 19th the OBGYN and I discussed different options and we deiced that the best choice for me would be to stay on the same birth control pills. So, on the 19th I bought more pills and started a new pack, doubling up on the 19th and 20th of April so that I would be "caught up" -- Day wise. But, he said because I started the pills on the wrong day, they would not be effective for a month; so its like not taking any basically. I do not start a new pack until May 15th.

We have had sex since then also (Around April 28th/29th) which would obviously make it far too early for me to know if I am pregnant or not. So, my question is, is it possible that I could have gotten pregnant back in March or early April and still gotten my period before, since conception would have occurred anytime from 9 - 15 days before my period did come.

The reason I am thinking I possibly (Doubtful) could be pregnant is I was quite sick for the past two weeks. I had the flu, a virus, two earaches, etc., for about a week or so I have had headaches daily (sometimes lasting all day), I have felt nauseous throughout the day, 'dizzy', more drowsy, and for about 3 days now I have had some light cramping which is odd since I am only on CD 23 (Cramping since about CD 20).

I know that the chance of me being pregnant is quite slim, but I know that it is also possible. I am just curious as to what you all think. Also, here ---> is the link to three calendars. They are from My Monthly Cycles (A website) and they show when my period started in March and April and when it should start this month.

Also, it shows when (about) I should have ovulated each month. I have a date circled in which I know we had sex on. And then, I have a few dates bracketed off in which show when we had sex (around then). Around the 6th of April is when I know we had sex without a condom. I did save these calendars to photobucket which is why you cannot see them as well as you could on the actual website, just so you all know.

Lastly, if I do conceive on March 31st, going by my LMP in March (March 17th) I would currently be 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant. But, if I conceived after that, going by my latest LMP (April 12th) it says I would only be 3 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So, if I did conceive on the 31st, would it have been very unlikely to have had my period in April? Also, it seems as if I would be noticing it more (if I were 6 weeks pregnant), right?

As far as the "pull-out method" goes (I use that term loosely) I know that it was a stupid choice and it is something that I do not do and we did mess up that one time. So please, don't judge me on that one time (in a long time) mistake. Thank you

Thank you to anyone who can give me some input on this "situation". I really do appreciate it!
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