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December 3rd, 2010, 11:51 AM
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My cycle is between 5 and 6 weeks. Charted as followed

March- April: 6 weeks 2 days
April- May: 5 weeks 1 day
May- July 7 weeks 1 day
July- Aug. 5 weeks 5 days
Aug.- Oct. 6 weeks 3 days
Oct- Nov. 6 weeks 3 days
Nov.- Jan. 6 weeks 1 day
Jan.- March 8 weeks 2 days ------ possible miscarriage
March- April 5 weeks 5 days
April- May 5 weeks 0 days
May- June 5 weeks 3 days
June- Aug. 6 weeks 2 days
Aug. - Sep. 5 weeks 1day
Sep.- Oct 4 weeks 6 days

Currently on 6 weeks 5 days and no period.

My last menstrual period started on Oct. 17th so I am at 6 weeks 5 days rights now. I have had a lot of pregnancy like symptoms. My nipples are sensitive to the touch and I was cramping for like two weeks thinking my period was going to start but never did. I have taken two test the first I thought I saw a VERY faint line but could have been my mind playing tricks on me... the second one I did not see anything. I am not sure what to think... is it possible I am pregnant. Please any advice is welcome
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