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December 5th, 2010, 03:17 PM
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hey, Im not sure if this is the correct spot for this...if it isn't i apologize. my DH was placed for adoption when he was 4. His whole life he was told his mother and father didnt want him or his 2 brothers. He kept in contact with his maternal grandmother and she would never tell him where or who is mother and father were..Well, last week i found his fathers mother, and she in turn gave me the fathers number..i called him and he said he has been looking for dh and his brothers for 22 years!! that he was out to sea (navy) and when he came home his kids were gone. His wife went to jail, gave the kids to her mother, and she took them to an orphanage. He NEVER gave consent, he went to the orphanage and was told his kids were gone, and he couldnt get info on them bc records are sealed...he went to a lawyer and was told the here is my question, if DH tries, can he get the adoption records unsealed? does anyone know anything about getting adoption records. DH has been wanting to find his biological family bc his adoptive one isnt very nice to him. because he isnt the religion they want him to be. also, they made him sleep next to a bed when he visited his grandparents..very sad...we were told DH's real family tried to adopt him when they found out he was at an orphanage, and they were told since they were not pentecostal, they couldnt adopt from that place..that orphange has since changed that, but they will not place unless the home is approved by their preacher..anyway, sorrry i rambled, but my main question is, can adoption records be unsealed? thank u so much
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