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December 5th, 2010, 11:45 PM
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My son just spent $107 on an Ipod free game called Tap Zoo. Beware of this game. They say is for 4+ and my son is always careful but they are sneaky and make it think like it was apart of the game. He thought it was fake money that he was using to buy stars. Well DH just check his bank statement and now we have a charge for it. I think its ridiculous and a scam to collect money from kids.

My son has never bought a game without asking us so he knows better. Funny thing is that we he bought these stars it never asked for any password at all. Usually apple is very good at verifying this but not with this game.

Poor Daniel, he kept saying sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to buy anything, I was just trying to play the game and I thought it was fake money. He even prayed to God for forgiveness.

Its not his fault because we should have remove our credit card but I never saw a reason. He knows how to read and never buys anything that doesnt say free. But this game asked during he was playing. He would go click on something say would you like to buy this item, it costs $49. It didnt even asked twice or nothing like apple usually does.

I am so mad right now because its $100 we could have used for something else. I emailed the company and apple. So hopefully we can get our money back.

Sorry for it being so long, I just need to vent.

Thank you JMC1988 for the beautiful siggy!

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