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December 6th, 2010, 09:31 AM
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Thank you everyone for your kind words and understanding.

It reached the breaking point last night. We took him to his dad's house. Well his grandparents. Dear dad wasn't even home, his mom didn't know where he was. Grandma willingly took him in for us. She told me to take the week and think about it before I made any rash decision. She'd make sure he got to school and everything for the week. She knew the desperation in my voice and she said she understands what I am going through. She doesn't even know a fraction of what I am going through.

Whether I have custody and my ex has visitation or vice versa, my ex is going to always still mess with my life as long as he still has that link with Cody. My ex has some SERIOUS mental issues! I know it. Rob knows it. A lot of other people actually know it. I warned my attorney. I warned the court counselor. I warned the school. It has fallen on deaf ears.

Tiffany and Tanya, I hope nothing like that is going on. I would hate to ever find that out. Cody won't tell me much of what goes on there. And I don't want to pry and seem like I am "fishing" for information or interrogating him.

I have tried getting him help. My first choice was county MR/DD. Cody is special needs and slightly delayed. Sometimes he doesn't know what he is saying and we can't get him to focus to get a straight answer. He will answer yes when the ansewr is no and vice versa. But when they assessed him, he only met 2 of the 3 criteria for services through them.
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