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December 6th, 2010, 01:06 PM
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I met with my attorney this afternoon. I just got home. I have a clearer head and feel much better after speaking to him.

I told him first off that if there was ever a time he needed to just listen to me, NOW was the time. I had tears streaming down my face. Even his assistant (before they called me back) asked me what was wrong and if I needed a glass of water or anything.

I told him what my wishes were. I told him I have thought long and hard over this. I'm not religious but I have PRAYED about this.

I told him about everything that was going on. Child services. I gave him the letter to the superintendant of the schools that I composed. he read it and praised me for standing up for myself. I gave him the copy of the allegations from child services.

He told me a judge would not just terminate my parental rights like that. A judge might have done that 10, 20 or 30 years ago. But too many times a parent just does it because they don't want to be financially responsible for the child. The only way I can terminate my parental rights is for my ex to get re-married and the stepmom wanting to adopt him. He did say I do have the right to never see Cody again if I so choose. But I would still have to pay child support. UNLESS we can get him and his attorney to agree to that in the divorce.

Right in front of me he dictated a letter to opposing counsel for his assistant to type up. It along the lines said:
*my client feels that your client is putting stuff into the child's head and destroying the child.
*child services has investigated and been out to the home and as far as we know, everything has been unsubstantiated and unfounded.
*with your child destroying the child, my client throws in the towel and your client can have full custody of the child. Since my client is not working and your client IS working and lives with his elderly parents, he is financially able to care for the child.
*there is no other issues in the divorce. My client wants nothing from your client except for him to move on and get out of her life. She wants no alimony, assets or anything else.
*please review this proposal with your client and get back to me.

Let me state for the record, I am NOT trying to get out of paying child support whatsoever. But I know my ex. He would go after me for the fullest amount possible. And if it weren't for HIM, I wouldn't have to give my child up. He would make sure regardless of the situation I am in, whether I am a SAHM or have a career, that I would pay and if for whatever reason (i.e. bedrest for pregnancy) I can't, he would make sure the state of Ohio revoked my driver's license or put me in jail. I would have absolutely no problem paying a minimum amount. But I also have other kids. And my attorney told me as long as I am paying child support, he still has that hold over me to mess with my life.

So that is what is currently going on. I have also been talking to friends about this. I only have a grandmother and cousins I can talk to about this. I don't have contact with my mom, dad or my sisters. That's a story for another time. Nothing to do with my ex.
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