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December 8th, 2010, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMommy View Post
I see them in the backpack that you wear on your back. Even if you put them in the chariot attachment if you wreck or you fall you can still injure them. You could fall on them (edit: if you're using the side cart kind) or the chariot could tip, any number of things.
Many of the chariot style trailers have a hitch designed so that if the bike tips over, the trailer stays upright. Many are also designed with 5point harnesses and roll bars. There are risks for everything and we can go back and forth all day but it is our responsibility as parents to look at the risks and what we value as important in our kids safety. If a parent is comfortable wearing the kid on their back, go for it, but if a parent has done their research than they would know that it is the least safest riding option.

It's also illegal in some places to use those backpacks while bike riding.

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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMommy View Post
We risk our lives just by walking out the door and getting into a car, by getting on a bike, by eating food, walking down the street, everything. As long as proper precautions are taken like stated above, I don't think it should be an issue or considered child endangerment (as stated in the OP).
What proper precautions are there for putting an infant on a horse? The only one I know if is NOT putting them on the horse.

I just want to add that because of my job, I see people at the worst point of their lives because they or others didn't bother to take safety into consideration. I've seen what happens when you fall off of a quad and it rolls onto your head. What happens when you are riding a snowmobile and you drive it straight into a fence. I've seen what happens when people are thrown through windshields, trampled by horses, and on and on. Maybe my views of safety are skewed but I can't change that.

I have nothing else to say about this because I think I've been pretty clear on my stance.

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