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December 8th, 2010, 11:35 AM
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Christmas eve we will be at my parents for a couple hours visiting with family.. then we will go home, read a christmas bedtime story.. once they are in bed we will do the santa stuff..
Christmas morning we will wake up & open presents.. have a good breaky.. head to my parents for more christmas and dinner..

so far we've got them..
- Cabbage Patch Style N Go
- Kids digital camera
- Littlest Petshop play yard
- little petshop toys for the play yard
- Moon dough

- a big baby
- a zhu zhu pet (she loves faiths so we got her one)
- a hippo block rocker
- a music band play
- acceseries for her baby

we still need to finish their stockings and pick up their jammies for christmas eve and some clothes!
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