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December 8th, 2010, 11:49 AM
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I don't really like the car/horse comparison. Unless you are using a horse to go somewhere essential, like to get groceries, it's not a great comparison.Driving a car is a calculated risk based on the risk-benefit analysis. Most people need to drive. Most people don't need to ride a horse.
Well, for me, I live within walking distance of Walmart. It's about a mile from my house. And it's a super Walmart. I could get everything I need to survive from Walmart. I have no need for a car for my survival, and no need to put a baby in a car for said survival. However, sometimes I want to go out to eat, or I want to go to a movie, or I want to go shopping someplace besides Walmart. None of these things are necessary, and I am doing them for fun. In which case, I'm risking my children's safety, and their lives, in order to have fun (no one really likes to think of it that way, but realistically, that's exactly what we're doing). So how is it different to wear them while you ride a horse or a bike to have fun?
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