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December 8th, 2010, 08:01 PM
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I was just reading through the threads, and I just had to say that it's comforting to have some other atheists that celebrate xmas and feel we have every right to!
I do NOT get the feeling by christians that atheists have no right to the holidays...for god's sake, here in america it's pretty much a cultural holiday. And that's how we celebrate. A secular tradition in our family (if that makes sense).

Last year my sister and her wife (surprisingly gay AND huge christians - i don't get sticking so hard to a religion that doesn't want you...) came to our house here and had a big holiday dinner, and exchanged presents and all, and just had a nice celebration for christmas. THEN 2 days later commented to me on facebook that if you don't love god and believe he sent jesus then you should not be celebrating.
I was sooo peeved!! not sure what we are doing to see them this year for the holiday.

anyway, i thought this was a pretty one off thing. i didn't realize that so many people say it and think it!! it's really annoying. and silly, considering how little of this holiday we have is actually about god!

so. thanks ladies for thinking the same things!! it's nice to have you here
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