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December 9th, 2010, 11:38 AM
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So, my husband and I found out we were having a baby back in October after ttc for 17 months. I started spotting on October 26 so we went to emergency, the doctor did a check and ordered an emergency u/s for the next afternoon. I went for the ultrasound, and got to see my baby for the first time at 8 weeks 3 days. I saw the heartbeat, flutter flutter, it was so exciting! I was told I would get a call to discuss the u/s had there been any issues found. I never did receive that phone call, so expecting that all was well, I carried on with my excitement, planning and shopping for the baby.

Then December 1st came, the day I was meeting my Ob/Gyn for the first time. 13 weeks along, and excited when the doctor said that I would get to hear my baby's heartbeat that day. The doctor tried 2 times for at least 10 minutes each time, to find no heartbeat. He told me not to worry as it isn't uncommon to not find the heartbeat at this point as the baby is still quite low, as well as the fact that I am overweight, which makes it harder to find the heartbeat as well. He ordered an u/s for the next day just to be sure things were fine, so that both of us would be happy and not worrying.

Well, the next morning came, my mother in law and I go to the hospital to have my u/s done. I was excited, and thinking very positive. When I got in the room and the tech started to do the scan, I knew something was wrong, she wasn't showing me my baby. I asked at one point if I was going to be able to see, and she told me that once she was done with the scan and talked to the doctor I would get to see my baby.

When she was all done, she left the room, and the doctor came back in and did a scan himself.

He then handed me some kleenex and told me that my baby had stopped growing at about 10 1/2 weeks and that there was no heartbeat. he explained to me that it was considered a "failed pregnancy". It was then explained to me that a d&c was in order to get the baby/tissue removed. The surgery was done later that day.

Sunday December 5, ended up in emergency to find out now I have an infection, which is apparently common, so now am on 2 weeks of an antibiotic.

Now, I am trying to come to terms with this whole situation, but have so many questions.
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