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December 9th, 2010, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMommy View Post


That poor, poor child =( I can smell the danger from here!
That's not even a horse. That's a pony. Much much smaller than the horses i was referring too. That's like comparing putting a child in a car and putting them on a power wheels lol. That child is also bigger than a child i was referring too.

I think i should have posted the video that sparked the debate for me.

Ep. 17 | Sneak Peek | Video | MTV

You can see the very clear difference between holding a baby close to the age of a toddler on the back of a pony and actually having a newborn on the top of a full grown horse and riding yourself. The risks are substantially different which is why the level of irresponsibility is different.

If a child was severely injured or killed in a horseback riding incident, do you not think the parent should be held responsible? What about in a motorcycle accident involving an infant?

It's not about refusing to take risks in life. There is a risk with everything you do. There is a risk when walking down the stairs. But there is a difference between the small risk of doing everyday tasks and the substantial risk of putting your newborn in a dangerous (possibly fatal) situation for no other benefit besides your enjoyment. That's the very definition of child endangerment...putting a child in a substantially risky situation.


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