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December 9th, 2010, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Babybear4 View Post
How is what you're doing so different? She had multiple people standing around and while she wasn't in a corrall (or maybe she was, IDK) you could see a fence the entire time. She didn't go on some long trail ride and she likely thought she was skilled enough and the horse would be calm enough for it to be safe. Once she got on the horse, she realized it was an unsafe situation, tried to control the horse and handed her baby off to her BF.
#1. I wouldn't be riding a spirited horse.
#2. My baby wouldn't be that young
#3. She had the full intention of going on a full trail ride, as you can see by how they rode off.
#4. There was no one at the head of the horse, as I have stipulated several times.

She did do the right thing by realizing she was riding under unsafe conditions and hand the baby off, I agree with you. The two scenarios are still completely different even though they both pertain to a baby on horseback. It's like riding in a rodeo show and riding on the kiddie ride at the fair. Those two are completely different scenarios, but still pertain to the same thing.

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