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December 10th, 2010, 06:10 AM
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She's not actually a caseworker, she is head of the entire security there. Not only is child services in that building but so is child support for our county. But still when they see the last name they put it together because it's a relation by the name. And like I said she thinks I am pure evil. I have never gotten along with this woman. EVER.

I'm doing a lot better. I'm trying to make things as normal as possible for my other kids. I have my moments when this is especially hard. I have been praying a lot. Asking for guidance. But in the end, for everyone involved, I know I am doing the right thing.

I havee had a lot of positive response for this. I don't ask anyone to like my decision. I don't even ask anyone to understand either. I just ask people to respect it. A lot are and just giving me words of encouragement and wisdom. I have a friend IRL who is just being plain mean about it. Posting all sorts of snarky statuses and stuff directed toward me. I am not sure how long our friendship is going to last. She knows what we have put up with. She went camping ALL summer long with us. She lives right around the corner from us. I could literally walk to her house. Her daughter is Wyatt's babysitter. I thought she was a true friend but I guess in times like these, you find out who your friends are. She's gotta think too....we loaned them $900 this summer. We haven't made a huge issue but have once paid us $50 and another time they told us to keep the $110 we owed their daughter for the week watching Wyatt and they would pay her that week because we hadn't gotten to the bank yet and the daughter was leaving for a last minute trip out of town. Told us to apply it to what they owed us. So since July we have gotten $260 so far. Supposed to be paying us something every month, even if it's $20. Wonder what she would think if we took them to small claims court over the money. I'm not trying to be snarky but if that's how she's going to be and they have literally made no real effort to pay us back...well with friends like that, who needs enemies, right? The only sad thing is we will lose out on the most awesome babysitter we ever had.
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