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December 10th, 2010, 08:05 PM
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So I started to spot last week, and have been continuously losing my mucous plug (tmi sorry). it is old blood..but the midwife said it is still an indication of dialation.
I have also been emptying my system out..and experiencing alot of pelvic pressure. So I know my body is gearing up for Labour. I HAVE to make it to 37 weeks before I qualify for a home I have 9 days to go.
Should I refrain from sex in hopes that I dont jump start anything?
My midwife comes out next thursday..but today is DH and my anniversary..and while I dont necessarily feel up to has been over a month pregnancy steals my drive!
I do plan on asking the midwife..I cant really find anything on google...
I know it wont do anything if my body isnt going to go on its own soon..but I worry I am having a few too many early indicators.
When I was pg with Sophia my water broke immediately after DTD but I also didnt have as many indicators with her. I was surprised because I was only 38 weeks.
however one of my friends was having preterm labour indicators at 31 weeks, was put on strict bedrest..has been off for three weeks, and still no baby I know it doesnt mean he is just waiting for sperm to ripen the cervix to make his appearance.

Sorry if any of this is TMI
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