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December 12th, 2010, 12:36 PM
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I haven't gotten my cycle back yet. I also wound up with anemia because of blood loss. I'm supposed to get my hCG tested this coming week (it was still 860 and halving about every 2.5 days almost two weeks ago). I'm going to ask for my hemoglobin to be tested as well. I don't want to get pregnant if my numbers are still low (it was 9.1 when the heavy bleeding had stopped).

My doctor wants me to wait at least until the cycle after my 2nd period. That will put me at February at the earliest (or a November baby). I really don't want a baby in November-February. I don't want to go to weekly doctor's appointments in the bitter cold and snow (I usually take the bus) and I don't want to worry about going into labor in a blizzard (go check out my post "In a blizzard" in the Aug 09 PR).

So that puts me at not being pregnant before the due date, which kind of makes me sad. But we'll probably start trying (or at least NTNP) in June or July.
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