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December 12th, 2010, 01:35 PM
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sooo my ex (Mikayla's dad), thinks that he can fly by me without me realizing what he's done - he frigging bought an xbox, the new one, & now he plans on getting a 52 inch TV - after he just bought a 36 or something, && he has a Wii, & a PS3 already!!! like, ***? & then he tells me he doesn't have the money to buy Mikayla a bed for Xmas?! Pisses me off sooo much, & on top of that he has the nerve to tell me I do nothing for Mikayla - HELLO, I'm the one who feeds her, clothes her, bathes her, does EVERYTHING for her, when he only takes her when he feels like it or buy stuff for her when he feels like it. & even still - he can buy EVERYTHING & anything for his new baby, but not his oldest....

I am mad as all hell atm, & had no one else to vent to... sorry ladies!
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