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May 5th, 2005, 07:22 AM
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I won't saddle a child with a name like that. I picture my child in a high-powered career, and later as a 60-year old. If the name is not regal and befitting a woman at those times in life, then I don't consider the name. Hence, my choice for Greyson Anne or Jamieson Jo.

It is easy and cute to name a baby, but that name is going to be prejudged before your child will be met throughout her/his life ie. on resumes, schools, applications. IM'UNIQUE may be cute now, but what about later? Anyone remembers PEEKABOO STREET, the gymnast? Her parents let her and her siblings choose their own name when they were able to talk, hence the charming name PEEKABOO. In my mind this is irresponsible. Naming is the second gift that you are able to give your child. It should be given with care.
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