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December 13th, 2010, 12:38 PM
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its been almost 5 months since i gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl iv ever seen. i had a some what hard pregency, always vomiting, bloody noses caughing up blood gushes of water no weight gain it was hard but in july of 2010 it got to its hardest point. i was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia on a wen a week later i was blacking out and not responding. i had to have an emergency c-cestion at 26 weeks. Kami was born july 21,2010 and weight 15 ounces 10 inches long. she had 10 fingers and 10 toes breathing just fine on her own. the doctors wrapped her up and gave her back to us that there was nothing they could do for her. she lived 6 hours the bset six hours of our life. its hard to go on each day especially with no support. my husband and i go to a grief group now and its amazing how much it helps and the life long friendships were making. i wanna try again in feb well see how it goes though. my heart is broken and will always have this void. help
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