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December 13th, 2010, 04:57 PM
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Vincent is doing good. He still isn't a big fan of tummy time or rolling over, even though he can roll both ways now. He's starting to get the hang of sitting but I think it'll be a little while before he does it on his own for more than a second. I don't think he'll be trying to crawl any time soon either. But I've noticed his pincer grasp is more developed now, though.

He's sleeping like he always has - frequently fussing a little bit then going back to sleep eventually, but now DH is trying to go to bed earlier which means I have to try to get used to sleeping in the same room as Vincent. It's not really going too well, though. He seems to wake sometime between 4-6 AM so I've been giving him a bottle then and he seems to go back to sleep after a while but it's usually only if I'm sleeping with him on the couch, which I'm really wishing I could stop doing. Ugh. We're so behind on this sleep thing so it feels like we're playing catch up.

I think he might be at the very beginning of teething. He's drooling more now and has some pretty fussy moments out of the blue which is very unlike him. I don't really see any swollen gums just yet, though, but I wonder if they are coming soon.

He's been relatively talkative the past couple of days too, but still isn't really making an consonant sounds just yet.
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