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December 14th, 2010, 09:10 AM
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Ok, here it goes... My name is Leah. I'm 30. DH and I have been married 3.5 years and met at an architecture firm we both worked at. (Even though I swore I'd never date anyone I worked with... oops)! We started TTC right away - while we were engaged actually because I always figured I would have problems.

I didn't star my period until I was 16 and after that was never regular unless on BC pills. Docs just said it was because I was active and it would become regular the older I got... which never happened. When I say I'm irregular, I don't mean I have a 28 day cycle on month and 35 day cycle the next. I mean I would go several months and sometimes over a year without a period. So I knew it would be difficult to conceive. My OB/GYN ran a bunch of tests on me and put me on Provera, then clomid 50mg. He did an U/S mid cycle to check on my follies... turns out I had way too many so the dos thought I was being overstimulated and wanted to reduce the clomid. But, I actually still didn't ovualte with the 50mg so he sent me to the RE where I went through another battery of tests, but finally got some answers. Turns out my body naturally has lots of follies and I wasn't being overstimulated by clomid - the opposite in fact. So the RE upped my clomid dose to 100mg and monitored me closely during the cycle - lots of U/S and B/W and finally a follie was big enough to trigger. Turns out the very first time my body cooporated I got a BFP and now have a wonderful 2 year old DS to show for it.

Fast forward a couple of years and DH decide to try again - actually we kind of never stopped trying becuase we never used BC - just hoped it would happen on it's own. This time I wanted to try it on my own using herbs and accupuncture and other homeopathic remedies to help me O on my own. 6 months later... no AF, O, or BFP I decided to try my OB/GYN again. She frustratingly enough put me on provera and then 50mg of clomid (which I've never O'd on) and of course didn't work. And when she told me she wanted to try 50mg a few more cycles, I said... time to go back to the RE. The RE did exactly what got me preggo the first time and low and behold it worked again. I'm now pregnant with my miracle #2.

We are due in June!!

Other than that, i want you ladies to know how very much you all mean to me and how I couldn't have gone through any of my trials and tribulations without your support. I hope you all don't mind me sticking around and offering the same to you girls.

Sorry this was so long and boring. Bless you if you got through it!

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