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December 14th, 2010, 04:10 PM
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Holly I'm going to be brutally honest with you. But I think you are doing a big mistake. You are giving up on Cody at a time when he needs you the most.

I saw a show on Dr. phil a couple of months ago about a parent who wanted to return her adoptive child back to the orphanage because the child was out of control. Dr. Phil told her that she couldn't give up on the child.

You have to put yourself in Cody's shoes. He grew up in a house where (using your words) was a horrible, abusive, loveless, dead end marriage. Kids are smart and absorbe everything. They know what goes around in the house. And sometimes our actions reflex on our children. And in the mix of this you separate from his father and get pregnant by another man. All this probably made Cody confuse and upset but he probably didn't show it. He probably never grieved the situation and he may be grieving by acting up. He needs help. I understand you are doing everything you can....but don't give up... keep trying. Do it for Cody. There is great potential for Cody, he has showed you by doing great in school. He just needs help. I'm sure there is noone else who will give him the love, attention and protection he needs but his mother.

It's not easy being a parent...there are good days and bad days.