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December 14th, 2010, 04:59 PM
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Well I only have girls so I wasn't sure if him not talking or communicating in any way other than screaming was a boy thing or something if something was wrong with him. All three of my girls were forming sentneces at that age and a little earlier to communicate so really that's what I'm comparing my step-son to.

Part of it is my step-son and part is my husband. The babies screaming and constant need for attention is insane and hard to deal with. But my husbands lack of involvment is just as bad. I know I need to talk to him about this but I really don't know how to without sounding like I have a problem with his kid which is how he'll take it........ I don't know step-parenting is harder than bio parenting .

Oh and with the custody agreement we NEED to get the kid at least every other week, bio mommy is severly bipolar and refuses to take her meds (it shows a lack of faith in God who will cure her...her thoughts) she lost custody of her daughter and gave up custody of her son so eventually we will get full custody of the baby. She really can't be trusted alone with him for any real lenth of time and the older she gets the worst her condition gets two weeks is long enough. I'm sure you're right that he is having problems with the constant back and forth but it has been this way for almost a year so he should be used to it by now.

Thanks for your input oh what does KWIM mean I'm not totally in the loop with all the abbreviations.

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