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December 15th, 2010, 01:36 PM
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My son is two years old (in ten days) he dont speak much just few words. He demand attention every second and if i hold my new born baby girl he gets aggressive or he wants to come to my lap. The moments I took my daughter in lap for feed he ask me to go with him to get him something to eat (no matter he already eat a minutes before)

I think boys wants to have fun every second and want to play. My husband dont help me with child like changing or bath but he give him a lot of time. You are in tough situation and I will pray for you.

My husband has three kids from ex and they dont live with us but since i had my daughter it seems to me the whole world is forbidding me not to have more kids though i always wanted to have at least 5 kids. It is hard to fullfill your desires once you are in blended families.
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