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December 19th, 2010, 02:08 PM
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You can ignore this post if you want. I've never actually posted on this board before, I just need to get this off my chest.

First of all, let me start this by saying that we love our dog to death. In every other way he's the perfect house dog. We've had him for 6 years now and other than this one issue, we really don't have any problems out of him at all.

The only issue is that he poops in the house!!!! And it is driving me crazy!!!!! We've always had issues with potty training him. He was 6-8 months old when we got him and supposedly housebroken, but he's always had accidents. He went through a phase for a while where he would sneak downstairs and pee in the middle of the night or pee while he was home alone. We tried EVERYTHING to stop this from happening and nothing worked. We even took him to the vet to see if it was a medical problem, but he checked out completely fine. We eventually had to resort to locking him in the bedroom with us at night. He wouldn't pee in our bedroom (so obviously he CAN hold it) and putting him in a crate in the basement when he's home alone.

We recently moved and he went months without having accidents in the new house. Now all the sudden he's started pooping in the house any time we're not home. Its driving me crazy!! First of all, getting him to go outside is like pulling teeth. He only wants to go out if you stand out there with him. Otherwise I have to use my mean/serious voice to get him to go out the door. Then a lot of the time he won't even go off the porch, he stands at the glass door and waits to be let back in.

We've tried everything to curb this. I stopped feeding him in the morning a few months ago and only give him one big meal a day when I get home from work. I figured that way we'll be home with him and let him out every hour for the next 6 hours so he'll have plenty of opportunities to do his business. We let him out at least 3 times in the morning before we leave and most days DH walks him in the morning. We even pay a dog walker to stop by in the middle of the day and take him on a short walk (and the dog walker says he rarely does anything but pee). So he's never having to hold it for more than 3-4 hours.

Today DH and I went out to breakfast. We let him out three (three!!!) times in the two hours before we left and were only gone and hour and a half. When we came back in he had pooped in the house AGAIN. He hasn't had anything to eat since 5pm yesterday and he's been out literally 10 times since then. Everything I've read online says that dogs don't have the mental capacity to have accidents on purpose, but honestly I don't see any other reason for why he does this. I think he holds it when he's outside and waits til we're gone and poops in the house on purpose just because he likes to That's the only explanation I can come up with.

I think we're going to have to buy him a new crate and start crating him in the garage while we're gone. I hate to do that, but I don't think we have any other choice at this point.

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