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December 19th, 2010, 02:44 PM
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My DH has a urologist appointment and post-op varicocelectomy SA tomorrow and we are prepared to hear that IVF is our best option. If that is the case, my DH is going to take out a loan against his farm and pay it back when his crop comes in....we should get a decent interest rate. Also, we will not do IVF unless we qualify for this special program at the clinic(my doctor thinks we will qualify) where if the IVF fails or you miscarry prior to 10 weeks, you get all but $4000 back instead of losing the whole $15,000.

It really stinks that so few insurance companies pay for IVF. Ours has covered all of our fertility testing, DH's varicocele surgery, etc....but all of our coverage ends the day we start doing IUI or IVF.
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