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December 19th, 2010, 04:32 PM
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Hello folks.

My name is Renae, I am 24, and live in Seattle. I found out on Monday the 13th that I am pregnant. It was unplanned, but my boyfriend and I are quite excited (and seemingly getting more so daily!). I haven't seen my midwife yet (my first appointment is on Wednesday), but according to my own calculations, I am due on August 18th. This is my first pregnancy, and although it seemed a bit of a daunting undertaking at first, I am hoping very much that everything goes according to plan and this little tadpole turns into a baby.

We are currently living separately, but decided to get a place together for obvious reasons, and found a very nice place on Friday. I everything goes according to plan, this new home is where I will give birth. I am very excited to have the kind of birth experience that I frequently hear about with home births.

I found out that my insurance only covers CNMs, and of the CNMs they cover, only one does home birth. She was not at all responsive to my voicemails, and since I think this is the sort of situation where a very responsive person is required, we are most likely going to go with another midwife who comes highly recommended (the one with whom I have an appointment on Wednesday) and just pay out of pocket.

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself!
Renae Kathleen
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