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December 19th, 2010, 07:44 PM
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Hello Im Nicole. Or Nikki*=22... Hubby= Ernest 25..

Soo.. let's start @ the "mid-begining" Hubby and I started TTC march 2008/.. He had 2 beautiful little girls who had been living with us since 8 mos and 1yr..and we decided it was TIME FOR A BOY!.. After 2 or three Nightmare OB/GYN's.. I was intoroduced to a wonderful OB who deliver'd my two nephews and niece. Everytime i was in the delivery room while my Sister heav'd and hove'd another one out .. he asked "When will we be seeing you in her place?" or he'd say "your next right?"..

Shortly after he would be the one to tell me i had PCOS...

I have been on Metformin Ever since i was diagnosed Sep/10.. and boy oh boy .. i have every side effect known to woman.. I am getting used to it now i am @ 500mg/am 500mg/pm.. Sorry ladies i dont know all the fancy terminology lol.. He just 3 days ago prescribed Provera to enduce a Period because i have not had one since august.. and clomid..

I am Only in the begining of this journey, but I am inspired by soo many of the journals i have read..
Even those who are still awaiting thier miracle .. they have not givin' up.. i try to remain optimistic and tell myself to smile everyday because even if its not the month.. my month will come

Baby dust to Everyone!! , and i hope you wil follow me on my journey ANY advice is welcome i Cannot say im not scared.. This is new to me still, and knowing there is ppl like me makes me feel understood.
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