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July 11th, 2006, 12:42 PM
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Quote: are not going to believe this, but I meant Steel Magnolias....I really did!!! I guess I got the title wrong because Bette Midler plays in both of them, right. Yep, Steel Magnolias takes place in in Louisiana. It is a beautiful place. They really do have a lot of gatherings right in downtown on that hill like they did at the end of the movie....right by the bridge that the coupe drove over on the motorcycle at the end of the movie.

No, mine isn't "You've Got Mail". It is more recent than that. It actually seems like a low budget movie that for some reason MADE IT. There are a lot of 80's references...just a classic. However, you either LOVE it or HATE it. I happen to l love it. I knew from the beginning of the movie when the main character got on the schoolbus with the awful music playing and tied his action figure to a string and threw it out the bus window to watch it drag all the way to school that I was going to like it.[/b]
OOO, OOO "Napoleon Dynamite"!!!! I've not seen it, despite several people that I know saying that I should! I wouldn't mind seeing it, I don't think, although I'm not a huge fan of movies that are just "character study" type movies - does that make sense? I should request it from Netflix and watch it during the day sometime because Troy has NO interest in seeing it!

I LOVE "Steel Magnolias"! It's one of my absolute favorites and I've probably seen it 100 times! I just bought a cheap DVD copy on sale at Beat Buy for $6! Oh, and the main stars are Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Darryl Hannah, Shirley MacLaine, and Olympia Dukakis, but I won't deduct TOO many points for that since you were able to say which town it was set in!
It's funny, when you had said that you had family there, but you said the movie was "Beaches", I thought, "Wait a minute, isn't Beaches is in Cape Cod or something?"

So, what's your next one? Did you get my second one?

*psst, I think we're the only two people participating in this game!*
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