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December 20th, 2010, 11:48 AM
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Ok ladies, I thought this would be the perfect place to ask this. I am overweight (260). When I was pg with my 6 year old I was about 155, so it was easy to notice the changes even though I didn't find out I was pg until I was 8 weeks. Now, I'm not completely pos that I'm pg but I am really suspicious that I am. I'm trying to find some signs since the last time I didn't know I was until my 8th week. With the previous I did test when I would have been around 4 week and 6 weeks, but got nothing but bfns. Like I said before I am suspicious that I am again and looking for signs. I'm alot heavier than last time ( almost 2x as heavy ). What do remember was my lower stomach/uterous area was hard, but I think that was when I was 12 to 14 weeks, I can't really remember. What have you all noticed to tell that you were pg? Right now, it's not completely hard in that area, but semi-hard, my nips feel like they are brusied if anything brushes up against them, everytime I get up or walk around it feels like a ball in there, pressure, some very light cramping, not really that into food, it seems like my cervix is soft and higher (at sometimes during the day I can't even touch it)

What have you all mommies-to-be noticed in early pg?
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