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December 20th, 2010, 08:08 PM
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We got pregnant through IVF and the IVF meds caused me to get hyperstimulation. From weeks 4-7 I was going to the RE and getting u/s every few days and having fluid drained from my belly (caused from the OHSS). The reason I'm telling you this is because around week 5 I started asking the u/s tech if she could see anything. She would always tell me it's too early to see anything and wouldn't even try to see my little bean. When I got to the end of my 5th week, my RE was giving me an u/s to drain fluid and I asked if she could see anything yet and she looked, but it took FOREVER for her to find my little bean (and this was an RE, not a tech in an ER) because it is sooooo tiny at this point. She didn't even schedule an u/s to see the heartbeat until 6.5 weeks. And, even then the heartbeat had just started beating and was really faint and they told me I just had to wait and see.

I also had slow rising HCG numbers that were NOT doubling every 48 hours (or how ever many hours they're suppose to be doubling). And, just like Melissa, I had bleeding (lots of bleeding) around 8 weeks and again around 10 weeks. It CAN all work out!

((((HUGS)))) I'll be thinking of you!
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