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December 21st, 2010, 11:57 PM
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Hello my name is nicole,
I have 2 step-children (well thats what the lable is) they are mine by choice and in my heart 2 little girls Kaliyah-jana(5) and Amya(4).. We have full custody of them and they live with us.. It has been this way since they were in diapers ( they had a horrible mother) drugs,alchohol,scenery.. the whole 9.. I was actually the one who encouraged my husband to seek full custody. It was the best decision I feel could of been made, and we have been daddy'd 3 girls ever since..

It gets hard sometimes because they Are not biologically mine.. but my husband makes it easier he does include me in every aspect of thier life and they spend 90% of thier time trying to be like "CoCo" thats what they have called me for the past 4 yrs.. when they tried to call me mommy i told them no im "CoCo".. I never want them to be confused i will always tell them the truth..

All-in-All the only frustrating thing is hubby and I have been TTC for the past 2 yrs and it makes me feel like i dont have something someone else does with him.. butt with prayer and meds we will work it out.. I am not scared of Having my Clomid baby im a Med mommy and proud of it .. Mama Needs a MaMa's boy!!!!
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