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July 11th, 2006, 06:33 PM
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This info was gathered by mrobinson:

Ladies... if anything here is something you can see with you or a friend, please consider stopping by the new controlling and abusive relationships area:

Types of Abuse

Domestic Violence is when one person uses force or coercion to control another person that they are either related to, or involved with in an intimate relationship.

There are various methods that are used to control the other individual. The person may threaten or physical harmed, they can be sexually abused, financially abused, or even psychologically (emotionally) abused. Often times a victim is subjected to more than one type of abuse by their partner or relative. Domestic Violence usually continues over a long period of time and gets more frequent and severe as time goes on.

Psychological/Emotional/Mental/Verbal Abuse:

Emotional abuse is abuse that is intended to hurt or destroy another’s feelings and emotional well-being. Emotional abuse is often referred to as verbal abuse. This type of abuse includes name calling, put downs, ridicule, belittling someone, and constant criticism. Another form of emotional abuse is referred to as psychological abuse. Psychological abuse is the constant intimidation and use of harassment to control someone’s thinking or behavior. There are often mind games and ‘crazy-making’ behaviors included as psychological abuse. The batterer will use emotional and psychological abuse as a means of control over the victim. When the batterer feels that this means of abuse is no longer effective he will often turn to physical abuse as a threat to re-enforce the control the emotional abuse has.

Sexual Abuse:
Like physical abuse, sexual battering includes a wide range of behaviors from pressured sex when the victim does not want sex, to coerced sex by manipulation or threat of physical force, or violent sex. Victims may be coerced or forced into a kind of sex they do not want (for example sex with third parties, physically painful sex, sexual activity they find offensive) or at a time when they do not want it (for example when they are exhausted, in front of children, after a physical assault, when they are asleep, when they are not interested). Sexual Abuse also includes the threat of withdrawing “sexual services” if one partner does not comply with the others wishes.

Financial Abuse:
Financial abuse is when one partner tries to control the other by controlling their finances and in turn their ability to have independence in society. Financial abuse would include taking control of all of the money; allowing only an “allowance”, or limited amount of money; not letting the other know about or have access to the family income; preventing another from getting or keeping a job, or making another ask for money.

Physical Abuse:
Physical abuse includes spitting, scratching, biting, grabbing, shaking, shoving, pushing, restraining, throwing, twisting, slapping (open or closed hand), punching, choking, burning, and using weapons (household objects, knives, guns) against the victim. Some assaults result in physical injury and some do not. Sometimes a seemingly less serious type of physical abuse (for example a shove or push) can result in the most serious injury. The perpetrator may push the victim against a couch, a wall, or down a flight of stairs, out of a moving car – all resulting in various degrees of trauma.
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