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December 24th, 2010, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by missy123 View Post
They don't make margaritas in Italy? Oh I am so sorry.
well, they do have them but they are most definitely NOT what we think of as a margarita. a few years back DH and i went out for a drink and i got SO excited because they had margarita listed on the drinks list. so i ordered it and about gagged! first off, they only offered it on the rocks (i prefer blended with lots of salt ) and most importantly... it tasted NOTHING like a margarita! it was THE strongest drink i think i've ever ordered. the only resemblance was that it was light green and i *think* i tasted a hint of tequila. who knows what else they put in there ... i couldn't even drink it and passed it off to DH. so now i get my margarita fix when i'm in the states where they are YUMMMMY!
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