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December 24th, 2010, 11:30 PM
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I've been MIA lately because of several things going on, but mainly because the girls are incredibly mobile so my laptop has been moved to the dining room to keep the cord away from the babies! But I can't sit in here much at all, so little JM time for me!

It seems like Lilly is just one step behind Maddie in mobility but maybe a little bit ahead on some of the interactive things (like waving or saying simple words, like "Mama" "Dada" or "bye-bye"). Do you guys find the same thing with your twins? They're both now pulling up to standing, crawling quickly on hands and knees, and now Maddie is cruising between objects (like the coffee table and exersaucer) while standing. I'm really not ready for this stuff. We have steps all over the house (I hate it!!), like one step into the foyer from the living room and one step into the kitchen from the living room and the girls have both figured out how to climb the step. We just got two baby gates for Christmas tonight so those are going up tomorrow! Especially since today Maddie tried to tackle going up a small flight of steps going up to the bedrooms!

It just feels like it's going by so fast I'll try to get some pics uploaded to post maybe tomorrow ...

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