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December 25th, 2010, 03:31 PM
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Not sure if you check this forum anymore or even remember making this post but figured I'd at least respond for any lurker who comes by .

How will getting pregnant affect BFing? Some kiddos lose interest right away, some kiddos lose interest when the supply drops, some when the taste turns saltier and some wont care at all.

Before my periods my nipples get so sore, it's terrible. And I think my supply drops then too. Will these things happen in pregnancy? Most women get sore nips but only during the latching on. That's just few seconds of pain per boob. I think most women experience a drop in supply but not all.

What are the chances I'll stop lactating because I'm pregnant? I wasn't planning on nursing her much past 2 years old, but I don't want the pregnancy to suddenly end BFing for us. I think that first and foremost you'll have to decide whether you want to continue. I personally want to continue breastfeeding but I think that right now weaning would be fairly easy. DD was nursing 10+ times a day at 22 months but right now she nurses 1-3x a day and that is often with me prompting her. My supply is almost gone. If I wanted I could easily distract her and wean.

And I've always wondered how milk composition is when tandem nursing. The new infant has different nutritional needs than a toddler. How does a woman's body accomodate two different aged children? From what I've read the milk composition will be correct for the newborn. I suppose the body knows from pregnancy and birth that there is a new baby and that the new baby needs the milk.

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