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December 26th, 2010, 09:15 AM
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Great post!!!!! i may steal the bible verses and add it to the note I have on my Facebook page. I should copy and paste it for you all to read. If I have time later today, I will. Mine basically says the same things though.

There are some who are confused by mine because I started Christian, born and raised Catholic in a very strict Catholic family. Then I went into the new age Wicca crap and realized how bull most of that stuff is and got to the roots of Wicca and found Paganism. But even then I felt that it wasn't right, that it all was the same thing with just different names. And finally realizing that the entire time, I was searching for something that never existed. And came to find that I really feel at peace with how I feel now...and that is basically atheism in a whole. I hate religion, I hate the crap that goes with it. While I enjoy the teachings of Jesus and feel that every one should follow what he wrote, I don't believe we need mass churches that brainwash and teach hate while preaching love.

Oh and I wanted to add...
We celebrate every holiday in this house. Most of these we celebrate the commercial version. On Christmas we have Santa/tree/lights/presents, on Easter we do the eggs/hunting/candy version. Halloween its costumes and candy and decorations and so on. Though on special days like the Winter Solstice I do celebrate in a small way to teach my children about the world and how ancient people celebrated these holidays like we do now for the major holidays.

I am coming out more and more openly with my feelings on religion and it feels good to finally know that what I am doing is internally pleasing LOL I don't feel wrong, I don't feel bad, I just feel whole. And I hate when people try to take that from me by preaching that I am going to hell.
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