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December 29th, 2010, 08:33 AM
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Hi I am Karen. My DH is Mal. I am one of the older moms here -- will be 40 this year. OUCH!!

Mal and I were married in 1998 but I wanted to wait to get established in my career to have kids. By 2000, I felt it was time and we got pregnant with our DD (Ria). The pregnancy was perfect and she was born 6 days past her EDD in July, 2001. Seven months later, I was pregnant again. Once again, a great pregnancy except I was slightly glucose intolerant. Caymus was also born 6 days past his EDD on Dec 11, 2002. I nursed him until he was about 15 months old. While I was in the process of weaning him, I got pregnant again.

At about 28 weeks I found out I was no longer Glucose Intolerant, I had full blown GD and was insulin dependant for the rest of the pregnancy. They decided to induce at just past 38 weeks in Dec because my placenta was not working. My only stipulation was that the induction not be on Dec 11th so I would not miss my DSs birthday. So I went in on the 9th and hoped to be home on the 11th. Well, it was the longest induction ever and nothing seemed to work. Finally, things started to work on the 11th and my second son (Fintan) was born on his brother's birthday (Dec 11/04).

We started TTC again when I was weaning Fintan and this time it took longer to get pregnant. Finally got my BFP in July of 06. Once again a picture perfect pregnancy until I started bleeding and cramping and lost the baby at exactly 16 weeks in October 06.

We got pregnant the cycle after our loss and had our youngest, Carrick, in August 2007. I had GD in that pregnancy was well.

We did not feel our family was complete and started TTC when Carrick was about 14 months old. It took a while to get pregnant but finally got a BFP in Dec 09. Unfortunately, we lost that baby at 14 weeks in February (while DH was away in Asia and I was home with 4 kids with the flu). We got pregnant again in May and found out that baby's heart stopped beating just after 14 weeks. The Dr is blaming my age for my losses so we have decided to be done TTC.

As for the career I focused on for so long, it has gone out the window and I am now a SAHM mom. We are very busy with kids' activities. Fintan and his older brother are both in hockey and loving it. My youngest can't wait until he is old enough to play hockey and my oldest plays ringette. There are not enough hours in the day.

Newborn Fintan Dec 04

Birthday boys -- Caymus (8) and Fintan (6) Dec 2010

Fintan on his 6th birthday

Fintan and younger brother Carrick

My fave pic of my kids

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