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May 5th, 2005, 02:51 PM
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aprildc Hello and thank you for replying. As far as the protection goes, we do use condoms normally, yes, (minus the one time in April). But, as far as the birth control goes, that is a different story. I do technically use birth control, but for the last month or so I have doubled up a lot because I have forgotten to take them OR I have been taking them anywhere from 4 Ė 10 hours later than I should be. So, the birth controls are not really being used as well as I used to (Which is my own fault obviously ..)

DreamChaser Hello and thank you for replying. I think that me being sick may be part of the reason I am feeling so different. But, since I do obviously have sex, I have not felt well lately, and I have not been taking my birth controls as well as I could be for a while now, of course that does make the thought linger in the back of my mind a little. But, I honestly do not really think I am most likely pregnant, for various reasons. But as I said, the thought is always there (Possibility).

Blue Eyes 409 Thank you for replying. I understand what you are saying and I really do not think I am pregnant (at least I donít think I could have back in March) because I did get my period April 12th.

Again, thank you ladies for replying. If you could please pray for me that my period does come on time, I would really appreciate it!
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