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December 30th, 2010, 10:03 AM
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Just got back from the RE's office
They wanted to see me back this morning just to discuss going forward with plans for my 1st IUI. It all went very well ..... I havent seen my RE since Feb. of this year, we were hoping the Femara alone would do the trick. So he is all set with my plan of using Femara 5mg CD3-7 then going in for u/s on CD8 and based on that will add in some Gonal-F, use trigger & do IUI. They did an u/s today, which I thought was weird, I'm CD26 and should be getting the witch later today or tomorrow, but he just wanted to make sure I didnt have any cysts--- nope. My lining was thick, normal b/c of the witch being due and the u/s tech did have that gigantic probe in there quite a while measuring my uterus and both ovaries. The left one sits a bit posterior she said and the right one just wanted to hide a bit, but overall excellent report so I AM GOOD TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! I'm so darn excited and trying not to let the not-so-great conversation that DH & I had last night affect my excitement. Even though DH & I are pretty much 100% against doing IVF, I found it pretty cool that my RE's office does IVF in "batches" they just did the December "batch" and 4/5 pregnancy tests from IVF were + ~ I thought that was excellent. He tried to tell me I could choose to be in the Feb. or May "batch" but we will not be doing IVF so this IUI just has to work !!! Thanks girls...time to pick up the house and then go get my parents from the airport. We definitely will be having a pre-IUI cocktail or two later on !
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