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May 5th, 2005, 04:43 PM
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Do you want a boy or girl: I'll take either one...but my MIL and I are hoping for a shopping partner!!

Favorite Baby Names:
Boy: Jacob Elijah (all the men in DH family have first names that start with J and middle names that start with E, so that's the combo I picked)
Girl: Katherine Denise (Katherine after my late grama, Denise after my late mom)

Epidural or No Epidural: Even though I hate needles, I'll have to go with the Epidural

Hospital or At Home birth: never know when something could go wrong

Lamaze or Forget it: Lamaze!! Anything to reduce the pain!! And it will make DH feel important.

I HAVE to know what it is as soon as humanly possible...there is so much shopping to be done!!
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