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January 2nd, 2011, 02:33 AM
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I have had 3 unplanned BFP's so...

#1 (DD) - I was a day late for AF and knew something might be up so I tested and before the dye even finished crossing the screen, I could see it was positive. I set the test down and felt like I was going to pass out and throw up at the same time. We only DTD ONCE that month! I think I literally took 15-20 more tests and had an u/s at 8 weeks before I actually believed there was a baby in me.

#2 - My DD was 8 months old and I was cleaning under the bathroom sink and found a HPT. I thought to myself, "Well, by the time I want another baby, this test will be expired soooo I should just pee on it and throw it away." I pee on it and sit it down on the counter and continue cleaning. I glance over at it and I'm like ,"Is that a freakin line?" So I posted the test over on AIP hoping it was an evap but apparently I was wrong. I was only like 9DPO and after I got the BFP I was like,"Oooooh, maybe that's why I started lactating again!" Crazy part is, when I did the math, I got pregnant from DTD the morning my SO had his vasectomy. I was pretty upset about being pregnant because I didn't know if I could handle 2 kids under 1.5 yrs old and go to Nursing School. And just as I started becoming optimistic, I had a m/c at 7 weeks.

#3 (current pregnancy) - I used OPK's for the first time in my life to see if I was even ovulating because my last 2 AF's since my m/c were only 24-25 days long. For some reason it was really upsetting me that my cycles were irregular because it was like a reminder of the m/c every month. Anyways, I got a positive on CD17 and then got what I thought was a lighter than normal AF at CD28 that lasted 4 days. I only became suspicious when I started having cramps AFTER my period ended....and then my BBs started feeling heavy and I was eating like a cow. I tested at like 19DPOish and got a very light evap looking line. I tested again at 26DPO and got a very clear positive. This is a vasectomy failure baby, so saying that I am shocked and surprised would be an understatement. I don't think I have actually accepted it yet.

Wow....that was a novel. Sorry!
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