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January 2nd, 2011, 01:20 PM
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Well I know they say to count CD 1 as the first day of an actual af flow, not spotting, well I thought I was due for af on Friday according to my opk's and temps, I had been spotting since Friday but my actual af came two days later, on my normal 28 day cycle but I was expecting a 26 day cycle this month because I was on clomid for the first time and I thought it was making me O sooner. Well I am supposed to take my next round of clomid on the same days, CD 3-7 and I want to start it on the right day, af came late last night around 1:00am...technically today, Sunday is CD 1 because it came after 12:00am...but I take clomid when I wake up around should I still count today as CD 1 and start my clomid on Tuesday or take it Monday?

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