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January 2nd, 2011, 11:04 PM
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*cracking fingers* Ok! Let me just tell ya my dosages. I based these on studies I've read (YAY Google Scholar/DH's medical journals! ), and also from talking to my doc for some of them and what not. It's a good thing you asked this on a Sunday, which is when I refill my pill dispenser!

Unless specified otherwise, I take these every day.

Flaxseed Oil (Spring Valley, Walmart stuff)
3000 mg/day

Fish Oil (TJ's Molecularly distilled Salmon Oil)
1000 mg/day

Baby Aspirin
81 mg/day

325 mg/day (I was anemic even on my prenatal)

Prenatal (Spring Valley)

Folic Acid
5 800mcg/day (This is in addition to the 800 mg that's in my prenatal - you can do less. This is based on a few studies I've read about better conception rates with a megadose of this stuff. It's water soluble, so you will pee out any excess.)

Evening Primrose Oil
2-3 1000 mg/day (I take 3 on my AF days and 2 the rest of the time, up until I ovulate then I discontinue until CD 1 rolls back around. I highly suggest charting/temping to confirm ovulation if you take a supplement that you have to discontinue after you ovulate.)

Soy Isoflavones
5 40mg pills/day (I only take these on CD 3-7. This cycle is weird because I started them much later, we'll see how that all shakes out! Generally, I've read that you should double the mg in soy that you take in Clomid - so start out with 100mg/day of soy if you've not done Clomid yet and up it from there as you see fit.)

100 mg/day (another water soluble vitamin, and your pee will be VERY neon from it!)

B Complex w/ Vitamin C
300 mg vitamin C
15 mg vitamin B-1
10.2 mg vitamin B-2
50 mg Niacin
5 mg vitamin B6
Also includes some calcium and other minerals. I take one of these every day.
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