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January 3rd, 2011, 02:28 PM
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i feel like accepting infertility is a bit like the mourning/grief process in that you have to go through different stages in order to come to full acceptance. i remember in the beginning i was still hopeful, that maybe just maybe we would still get pregnant on our own (i think of this as my denial stage). it didn't bother me at all when others announced their pregnancy during that time because i still thought that sooner or later it would "be my turn." then i reached a stage when i realized that we really are what is considered an infertile couple. pregnancy announcements felt like a sucker punch in the stomach during that phase (and trust me, there were LOTS of announcements). i think i've come pretty much full circle and into my acceptance phase. at this point, the queen of england could announce that she was pregnant and i wouldn't bat an eye!

what stage do you think you are in? how do you feel about infertility?
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cycles 1-16: TTC naturally, all BFNs
cycle 17 & 18: not TTC (due to diagnostic tests)
october 14: RE appt with follow-up hysteroscopy + saline sonogram... TUBES ARE CLEAR!
cycle 19, 20 & 21: natural TTC cycles = BFNs
cycle 22: another natural cycle, but preparing for our first IUI with injectables for cycle 23! FINALLY!!!
FEBRUARY 10th... our very first when we least expected it!!!

october 26th... our little miracle arrived via c-section at 12:19pm weighing 3.920 kilos! we are in love.
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