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January 4th, 2011, 12:51 AM
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Mine started off on May 19th 2008.. i was 39 weeks 4 days pregant with my identical twin girls. i was sceduled to have them via c-section 1 day before their due date which was may 22nd 2008..

i went for a non stress test and so during it Lyla (twin B) heart rated dropped some so the nurse went and called my dr to see if we should go ahead and do the c-section that day or wait a bit since it went back up and my dr decided that we should have the babies that day on the 19th. my poor fiance and our oldest daughter had to drive an hour back home to get all of our stuff and another hour to get back to the hospital i was at. I also had to call my midwife and friends and family that wanted to be in the waiting room.

Well i had the girls at 3:42pm and 3:43pm with no complications at all Purity was 6lbs 9oz 20 inches long and Lyla was 3lbs 15.5oz 18 inches long.

Later that day after recover room time and the vistors took a quick peek at the girls it was time to nurse them. Lyla twin B threw her milk back up and Purity twin A took to nursing great .. Lyla was giving some formula by syringe to see if she could keep that down and she couldnt so she was put on an iv for fluids and had to she had to be in a warmer all night long to keep her body tempature up to where it should be..

the next morning we were told that she was going to be transferd to a bigger hospital via ambulance so she can be in their nicu and get the help she need with keeping her body tempature up and tolerate feedings. I was able to take Purity home with me the same day i was released from the hospital . it was so sad cuz i was expecting that i made it so far in my pregnacy that both of my babies would be home with me when i did

Lyla stayed in the nicu for 13 days and now they are both healthy and happy 2 1/2 year olds who love to chase their big sister around
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