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January 4th, 2011, 02:48 PM
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I'm adding the birth story of my son Alan Dean onto here since I forgot to before.

Alan Dean
born November 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving day) @ 2:11 pm
due November 25, 2008
7 lbs 14 oz and 20" long

Wednesday November 26th (2008) I was lounging on my bed reading the 3rd book in the Twilight series at around 11pm when all of a sudden it felt like I peed my pants. I thought great just what I need. So I got up and went to the bathroom to change myself and put on a pad. I went to lay back down and read some more. Every time that I moved though I felt like I was peeing again, so I assumed that my water broke, but I wasnít going back to Labor and Delivery again without being sure. So I went to sleep just to wake up at 2am to a soaking wet pad. I changed it again, and went downstairs to tell my husband that he needed to get some sleep because we would be leaving for Labor and Delivery either at 7am or when my contractions get strong (they never happened).

So I went back to bed because I knew it was going to be a long night and I would need as much sleep as possible. Every time that I turned over I leaked some more so I definitely knew it was time. But I was able to sleep until about 7:30am. I got up and got my kids up and dressed and told my husband that he needed to get up and get ready. Itís the quickest Iíve ever seen him wake up, Iím glad I told him to get some sleep (he didnít get much though). I called my neighbors to let them know it was time. My next door neighbor came over to pick up my son Justin and I went to drop off my daughter Micayla at my other neighborís house around the corner. My husband picked me up from my neighborís house and we headed to Labor and Delivery (after calling them of course).

We got there some time after 8 and they checked to make sure that my water had really broken. When they didnít come back to give me the verdict, I figured that it really had and I was there to stay. Dr. Allen came in to check me and I was at a 4 and 80% effaced. Since I hadnít had any contractions since my water had broken he let me know that I would be getting some pitocin. They called the epidural lady to come and give me mine. I knew that I would want one eventually so I was glad that they said something since it was an off day and nearly everyone was at home tending to Thanksgiving dinner. I was worried about getting an epidural without actually being in pain. And I was right to worry, getting the epidural hurt like hell. She had to do it twice and I could feel her scraping the bones in my back. At 10:15am she was finally done, and I was starting to feel my legs go numb.

I was left alone to labor for a few hours. At 1:10pm all of a sudden the nurse came in and told me that Alanís heart rate was dipping a bit and that they wanted me to lie on my side. They also put an oxygen mask on me to get the air flowing, that was weird Iíve never had one of those before. During that time I had sent my husband home because I forgot to put the memory card back into the camera, so it was pretty pointless to have the camera unless we had the memory card. Plus he was hungry so he went to eat as well. After the fun of trying to get my dead legs to change positions they decided to check me again, I was 8cm and completely effaced. I called my husband at 1:35 and told him he could hang around the house for about 15 minutes but then he needed to get back home, the doctor expected me to start pushing by 3pm. But I was feeling like it was going to be a lot sooner. In fact I called my husband back 5 minutes later and told him to start driving NOW.

When they checked me the nurse decided that they needed to turn down my epidural so that my legs could get some feeling back before I delivered. I started to feel like Alanís head was moving down on its own. I started to breath to try to keep my body from pushing him out because he was close, I kept hitting the call button but no one was coming I was about to start yelling for a nurse. My husband got back to the hospital around 1:45-1:50 just in time for him to see that I was starting to do practice pushes with the nurse that finally showed up.

While pushing my doctor was getting ready and I was doing great, his head was moving down quickly. My husband is such a sweet guy, he just had to comment on how I pooíd during delivery as it was happening; I guess he thought it was pretty funny. I didnít push long because my beautiful baby boy was put onto my belly at 2:11pm. He came out crying it was just the most beautiful sound in the world. Soon afterwards I was handed the scissors to cut his umbilical cord. It was an interesting experience that I was glad that I wanted to participate in. As soon as that was done they took him to the warmer to do his Apgar test which was an 8 and 9. Alan had swallowed some amniotic fluid on his way out so they had to suction him really well to make sure that he wasnít all gurgley.

20 minutes after he was born I called my neighbors who were watching my older kids to let my kids know that they had a little brother. That is when we told them his name, since we hadnít told anyone his name yet, I thought it would be nice for them to be the first to know. They were both thrilled. As I was on the phone they handed him to me and I just started crying. He was so small and so perfect. He weighed a beautiful 7lbs and 14oz, and was 20Ē long. I couldnít believe that he was nearly 8lbs. I thought that he would be smaller than that. He didnít get his first bath until 5:30pm and his big brother got to be there to watch it.

Apparently the nurses were starting to get concerned for me. I guess that I was losing a lot of blood so they had to give me more pitocin in my IV line and have my doctor come back to the hospital to do a sweep of my uterus. Thank goodness I was still mostly numb down there. They had to put the catheter back in and left it there until 8am the next morning. I had to keep my IV in as well, which sucked just as much. So if I ever chose to get pregnant again, I have to tell my doctor that I got a postpartum hemorrhage with this delivery. How fun. I finally got some use of my feet around 7pm, but wasnít completely out of bed until 10pm.

My back hurts like hell and my legs are all kinds of sore, but other than that Iíve been great. I got to leave around 26 hours after having my little Alan. I was more than happy to get out of there before they decided to give me another catheter. Alan is such a beautiful and quiet baby. He hardly cries at all. He breastfeeds amazingly, I canít believe how much he eats already, 15 minutes on both sides every 2-3 hours. I should get my milk in any time now. We have to go back to labor and delivery for a weight check on Sunday. Alan got circumcised Friday morning and is healing well. Daddy wonít go near the diaper until the little ring falls off, but thatís ok with me, I donít blame him for not wanting to see his baby boy like that.

Weíre home now with 2 incredibly loving and curious older siblings. His sister and brother are in love and canít keep their eyes (and hands) off of him. Iím so glad to be home with my little man.

Scarlett Diane

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