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January 4th, 2011, 10:17 PM
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Do they get messy? I mean should I be wearing a liner when I use it?
yes very messy and I would definitely wear a liner and even old underwear. They leave oily stains if it touches your undies/clothes

What kinds of symptoms/side effects can I expect? I've heard I can get pretty convincing "pregnancy symptoms" but is there anything specific I should be expecting?
everything that could be a pregnancy symptom,you will be pretty tired and they can make you dizzy

And how long do I have to wait after using it before DTD?
The drug is fully absorbed within 20-30 minutes after that it's all just the casing/goo.
If that falls out as long as it's been 20-30 minutes everything is fine.

It can be really sticky though so it can be awkward for your husband. He could wear a condom if he wanted to. My said it felt like he was being glued to my cervix lol
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