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January 4th, 2011, 10:53 PM
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I used them when I was PG with DD. I was already pregnant at the time so I can't speak to the pregnancy symptoms. It also gave me () the most horrific constant yeast infection (until I was 14 weeks pregnant! ), so DH and I did not DTD at all during that time as a result.

However, I will say that you should definitely wear a liner. You won't need a full-on pad, but a liner will help. Also, be careful to not do kegels or bear down too much after insertion, that can have it come out more as well. I always did mine right before bed (once a day) so that it didn't really ever come out on me. Just a little bit on my liner (like when you have heavy EWCM).

Good luck and eat your yogurt so you don't have the same problems I did!
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