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January 5th, 2011, 05:29 PM
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Well today I went to my regular OB for my first visit. Everything was going fine, we got all our information, signed all the paperwork, got our goodie bags, bloodwork, all that. Then DH asked if we were having an ultrasound and she said she could give us one if we wanted to see the babies. DUH!

So we go into the room and wait for her to come back. This was the registered nurse BTW....she does all the first time visits. Anyway, she comes in and starts the ultrasound and the first thing I see is one of my babies moving all around! It was waving the little arms and legs and going nuts! I was transfixed by it and said "Is that the baby moving around?"......the RN didn't answer me and then she says "How many did they transfer?" We said 2 and she said "Do you see what I see?" Yup, it's triplets. She said she had to get a physician to confirm so she leaves the room. We were in total shock and I started crying. I always just wanted one baby and I just started getting used to the fact that we were having two. The Dr. came in a confirmed what she had seen.

I have been crying all afternoon. I am so upset. I don't even know what to think but I am not happy about this right now. DH is doing WAY better with it then I am. He said "As soon as I saw that baby moving I was a goner". It's really sweet how he keeps telling me everything will be fine and it will be all good. I just don't believe him. This is CRAZY
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